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FCCC Track Champs '14

fccc track championship smallA most enjoyable evening was held at Reading track on 23rd July and many thanks to the volunteers who helped out with the timing – the results were as follows:

Scratch - 6 Lap, Juniors

  1. Danny Griffiths
  2. Samuel James
  3. Jo Neville

Scratch - 10 Lap, Senior & Vets

  1. Ian Neville
  2. Gareth Dickinson
  3. Matt Charlton

Sprint - 500m, Juniors

  1. George Bounds
  2. Samuel James
  3. Nat Hatch-Johnson

Sprint - 500m, Veterans

  1. Keith Griffiths
  2. Stuart Robertson
  3. Peter Miles

Sprint - 500m, Senior

  1. Gareth Dickinson
  2. Matt Charlton
  3. Andrew Knight

Pursuit - 6 laps, Junior

  1. Samuel James - 4:27.14
  2. George Bounds - 4:40.38
  3. Nat Hatch-Johnson - 4:54.78

Pursuit - 6 laps, Ladies

  1. Jo Neville - 4:44.49

Pursuit - 9 laps, Verterans

  1. Stuart Robinson - 6:22.14
  2. Keith Griffiths - 6:31.57
  3. Dave Lambert - 6:57.34

Pursuit - 9 laps, Senior

  1. Gareth Dickinson - 5:47.58
  2. Matt Charlton - 5:50.03
  3. Andrew Knight - 6:07.27

Pursuit - Other recorded times

  • Danny Griffiths - Junior 6 lap - 4:55.64
  • Peter Miles - Veteran 9 lap - 6:58.08
  • Chris Bagust - Verteran 9 lap - 7:30.68
  • Charles Gray - Senior 9 lap - 6:41.78
  • Stuart Brimble - 7:05.97

Thanks to everyone there racing, helping ,or supporting. If you have pictures that you'd like to share, please send them in or upload them to the club website.

(Thanks to Nick for uploading some photos.


Track Update

dernyThanks to Dick for an update on track activity. Congrats to club members Jo Neville and Stuart Brimble who join Keith Griffiths as accredited riders for the Reading League.

Next Saturday, 3rd May is the annual "Bordeaux-Paris" event. Entries have to be in by today, but there are lots of events to see with up to 9 dernys out at at time. There will be elite, Under 16 and ladies events.

The Reading group has now add a C league to the existing A and B leagues. The C league is for novices, ladies and youths. 

FCCC Track Championship 2014 - now confirmed

reading track 70s smallDick reports that he is still one or two short of helpers on timing for this event. Last registrations by the end of the club evening on the 18th July!

Dick has now confirmed that he has booked Reading track for a club "Track Championship" on Wednesday 23rd July. The event will be run using road bikes rather than track bikes. 

There will be a warm up session followed by 500m  Sprint and Pursuit category competitions. These will be run for Seniors, Juniors, Ladies and Vets.  Seniors and Vets will do a 9 lap pursuit, Ladies 6 lap and Juniors 4 laps - the track is 490 m in length.

I have set up a form on the site to log entries for the competition, so that we know numbers. You may be able to enter on the line, but if you want to be sure, please pre-book.

We will need four timekeepers and a qualified first aider - if you can help, contact Dick 

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