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Time Trials

phoca thumb l fccc 20110611 05The club has a very full Time Trials (TT) schedule in both open and club categories attracting riders from across the South East. Club events are open to all riders including non members, whilst open events are for riders from all CTT affiliated clubs.

Getting Started

Riding a TT is often a first step into competitive road cycling. Competitors (individuals or teams) set off at intervals and are timed over a fixed distance course. A time trial can be a test of a rider’s ability to beat earlier personal best whilst also being a race in which riders compare their performances to others. There are few tactics; in a time trial you ride against the watch – with no one to slipstream or set the pace. A special bike is not essential.

For club events you can just turn-up, pay your entry fee (£2 for members - £3 for non-members) and ride. Open events have to be booked in advance.

We have provided an introductory article on TT plus some FAQs.

FCCC Time Trial Courses

We have 9 set TT courses and you can view them in more detail (including where to park) here.

  1. 10 miles:-  North of Hartley Wintney, Heckfield, Mattingley, Hook, Phoenix Green (HCC216).
  2. 10 miles:-  Fast downhill start from Ewshott, A287 along Odiham bypass and return to near Bowling Alley (HCC175).
  3. 8.5 miles:_  Winchfield, loop of Odiham bypass and back (HCC255).
  4. 25 miles:-  A31 west of Farnham to Chawton and back (H25/88).
  5. 25 miles:-  Bentley, Farnham. Holybourne (H25/8).
  6. 8 miles:-  A31 Bentley, Chawton, Farnham, Holybourne, Bentley (H30/8).
  7. 20km:-  Hartford Bridge, Eversley, Heckfield, Hook, Phoenix Green (HCC257).
  8. 10 miles:-  A31 near Bentley to Holybourne (H10/8).
  9.  This is the hill climb course used by the club, starting just north of Holybourne and climbing Brockham Hill Lane (HHC018).

TT Events and Results

For a calendar of our TT events click here.

Past results can be found here.



2016 05 19 Thursday Club Time Trial

The course for this time trial is not currently usable due to road works with traffic control lights.  It certainly looks as if they will be in place for a considerable period of time.

The weather forecast for the event is not brilliant either.

This week's TT is therefore cancelled.

Next week we are on HCC255b.

Donald Ashton - TT Secretary.

TT Events List 2016

2016 List of Time Trials

Events are Type-B unless otherwise indicated

09-Jan-2016 10:00 H10/8  
13-Feb-2016 10:00 H10/8  
12-Mar-2016 10:00 HCC175  
12-Mar-2016 14:00 H10/8 Type-A
31-Mar-2016 18:30 HCC255a  
07-Apr-2016 18:45 HCC255a  
09-Apr-2016 10:00 HCC175  
14-Apr-2016 19:00 HCC255a  
16-Apr-2016 14:00 H25/8 Type-A
21-Apr-2016 19:00 HCC255a  
28-Apr-2016 19:00 HCC255b  
30-Apr-2016 10:00 HCC175  
05-May-2016 19:00 HCC216a  
12-May-2016 19:00 HCC257  
14-May-2016 10:00 HCC175  
19-May-2016 19:00 HCC175  
26-May-2016 19:00 HCC255b  
02-Jun-2016 19:00 HCC216a  Club 10 Championship
09-Jun-2016 19:00 HCC257  
16-Jun-2016 19:00 HCC175  
23-Jun-2016 19:00 HCC255b  
30-Jun-2016 19:00 HCC175  
02-Jul-2016 14:00 H10/8 Type-A District Event
07-Jul-2016 19:00 HCC216a  
14-Jul-2016 19:00 HCC257  
21-Jul-2016 19:00 HCC175  
28-Jul-2016 19:00 HCC255b  
04-Aug-2016 19:00 HCC216a  
11-Aug-2016 19:00 HCC257  
18-Aug-2016 19:00 HCC175  
25-Aug-2016 18:45 HCC255b  
01-Sep-2016 18:45 HCC255a  
08-Sep-2016 18:30 HCC255a  
10-Sep-2016 10:00 H25/88  Club 25 Championship
24-Sep-2016 14:00 HHC018  
08-Oct-2016 10:00 H25/88  
12-Nov-2016 10:00 HCC175  
10-Dec-2016 10:00 H10/8  
17-Dec-2016 10:00 H10/8 Type-A
14-Jan-2017 10:00 H10/8  
11-Feb-2017 10:00 H10/8  

 The club 30 championship is the WlCA 30 event on July 31st (submit cliams to D. Ashton with result sheet)

The club 50 championship is the WLCA 50 event on July 10th (submit claims to D. Ashton with result sheet)

2015 Club Time Trial Calendar

Mar 14 10:00 HCC175
Apr 09 18:45 HCC255a
Apr 11 10:00 HCC175
Apr 16 19:00 HCC255a
Apr 23 19:00 HCC255a
Apr 30 19:00 HCC255a
May 02 10:00 HCC175
May 07 19:00 HCC216a
May 14 19:00 HCC257
May 21 19:00 HCC175
May 28 19:00 HCC255b
Jun 04 19:00 HCC216a
Jun 11 19:00 HCC257
Jun 18 19:00 HCC175
Jun 25 19:00 HCC255b
Jul 02 19:00 HCC216a
Jul 09 19:00 HCC257
Jul 16 19:00 HCC175
Jul 23 19:00 HCC255b
Jul 30 19:00 HCC175
Aug 06 19:00 HCC216a
Aug 13 19:00 HCC257
Aug 20 19:00 HCC175
Aug 27 18:45 HCC255b
Sep 03 18:45 HCC255a
Sep 10 18:30 HCC255a
Sep 12 10:00 H25/88
Sep 26 14:00 HHC018
Oct 10 10:00 H25/88
Nov 14 10:00 HCC175
Dec 12 10:00 H10/8
Jan 09 10:00 H10/8
Feb 13 10:00 H10/8

Designated dates for club championships are in bold

Brian Hygate riding the Monsal Hill Climb - 2015

monsal 2015 Brian Hygate

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