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Time Trials

phoca thumb l fccc 20110611 05The club has a very full Time Trials (TT) schedule in both open and club categories attracting riders from across the South East. Club events are open to all riders including non members, whilst open events are for riders from all CTT affiliated clubs.

Getting Started

Riding a TT is often a first step into competitive road cycling. Competitors (individuals or teams) set off at intervals and are timed over a fixed distance course. A time trial can be a test of a rider’s ability to beat earlier personal best whilst also being a race in which riders compare their performances to others. There are few tactics; in a time trial you ride against the watch – with no one to slipstream or set the pace. A special bike is not essential.

For club events you can just turn-up, pay your entry fee (£2 for members - £3 for non-members) and ride. Open events have to be booked in advance.

We have provided an introductory article on TT plus some FAQs.

FCCC Time Trial Courses

We have 9 set TT courses and you can view them in more detail (including where to park) here.

  1. 10 miles:-  North of Hartley Wintney, Heckfield, Mattingley, Hook, Phoenix Green (HCC216).
  2. 10 miles:-  Fast downhill start from Ewshott, A287 along Odiham bypass and return to near Bowling Alley (HCC175).
  3. 8.5 miles:_  Winchfield, loop of Odiham bypass and back (HCC255).
  4. 25 miles:-  A31 west of Farnham to Chawton and back (H25/88).
  5. 25 miles:-  Bentley, Farnham. Holybourne (H25/8).
  6. 8 miles:-  A31 Bentley, Chawton, Farnham, Holybourne, Bentley (H30/8).
  7. 20km:-  Hartford Bridge, Eversley, Heckfield, Hook, Phoenix Green (HCC257).
  8. 10 miles:-  A31 near Bentley to Holybourne (H10/8).
  9.  This is the hill climb course used by the club, starting just north of Holybourne and climbing Brockham Hill Lane (HHC018).

TT Events and Results

For a calendar of our TT events click here.

Past results can be found here.



New Handicap Competition Latest News - (mid April 2014 report)

beta testingIn the April Monthly Handicap competition, Matthew Charlton is currently leading by virtue of having completed 3 races. But with 2 races still to go, his position is likely to be challenged by a few others who have not yet completed their 3 qualifying races. Dave Triska, as well as doing some very fast times, has shown a good improvement rating, while Helen Wiles (F) has shown a big improvement in her second race. Below that, Simon Hunt, Kelly Miller and Nigel Rigby have shown good early season improvement. Vernon Schutte has shown a big improvement over his first race in the Winter. Giles Short had a good first race, but a disappointing second race.

In the April Monthly Full Points competition, Matthew Charlton has an unassailable lead, by winning all his 3 races. Several are in contention for minor places.
Summer-Season news reports will be added in May.

You can link to the page about the competition here.


Pictures from the Open 25 TT

Thanks to Bob Fudge for providing a link to his pictures from last Saturday's Open 25 event.

Thanks for Open 25 From Morag

We received the following email from Morag:

"Today was my first ever open 25 mile TT. I'm more of a triathlete & I can't tell you how much I appreciated the help of FCCC helpers & marshalls. I found today very different to club TTs, lonely almost, as I never saw another FCCC member competing (although I know there were some). I felt a little bereft of camaraderie I think and I guess that's the nature of the event. Very different to a mass start of a triathlon.

So it was fabulous to see some friendly FCCC faces at the hall, on the start line & at the roundabouts, that I knew. So lovely to have the club marshalls support which definitely gave me a lift especially the second time around at Holybourne when I was suffering. Thanks to Ron* for the massive shout out as I passed by on my way to the finish.

Another bonus was finding the times already on the board at the hall by the time I got back - thanks time keepers. Thanks to Don's wife, Margaret, for sterling catering & to Don for great organisation. Sometimes the marshalls are the unsung heroes of an event & I wanted to express how important I felt you all were for me today. Thank you!"

* Actually, Bob as he, John and Chris B were marshalling there

New Club TT Competition Test

Thanks to Dave Lambert and others for developing a new competition system for the club TTs. The system is currently in "Beta testing" and can be accessed from here.

If all goes well and the system works, and develops well, from next year we'll develop it further with an aim to integrate it into the club site.  Comments in the forum, please!

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