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Road Racing

Gareth's August and September Newsletter

Thanks to Gareth for his August and September Racing Report. I have really enjoyed reading them this year.

New Club Race Captain

The committee has established a new position in the club, of 'Club Race Captain'.

  1. This is an honorary post, awarded on an annual basis by the committee. It is not a committee or club officer post.
  2. The role of the captain is to represent the views of the active racers in the club and coordinate their requests and needs for coaching, support etc.
  3. The captain will be welcome and encouraged to attend meetings of the competition sub-committee to put forward the views of active racers.
  4. The captain will be appointed from active road or circuit racers in the club.

The committee has unanimously decided that Gareth should be asked to be the first Club Race Captain, and I'm pleased to report that he has accepted the position.



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