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Club Runs


The fitness and health benefits of cycling are well known, and as you get fitter you may wish to increase the distances and speeds that you ride. The club provides a range of rides which form a progression, from the social / novice rides at around 13mph, through longer 15mph rides, 16-17mph training rides, "chaingang" training and even competitive time trials and road races - these are all described in more detail in the rides section.

We have put together two brief documents, attached to this article, which may help club members or prospective members wishing to ride further and faster . The first covers the important topics of hydration and nutrition on a ride, and there is also a brief introduction to training for longer rides.  See here for information on discounts available on electrolytes and energy products.

                                     Challenge yourself - rather than being one of the fastest on a particular ride, move up to the next stage and improve further. 

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