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Club Runs

The Sunday club runs are a key part of the club and provide an opportunity to ride in a group with the benefits of drafting, camaraderie and the occasional bout of sarcasm!  A café stop is 'mandatory' (where indicated) and allows time to recover and have a chat.  We aim to keep all our runs together and people with mechanical problems are not abandoned.  All participants are expected to be familiar with and follow our Club Run Guidelines.

 Non-members are always welcome to join the club runs on a trial basis.

Ride Categories

To allow for different levels of fitness runs are split. You don't need to sign up, just turn up at the appointed time. Sunday rides all start in the same place – we meet under the railway arch next to Speedy’s Chinese Takeaway. If the link doesn’t work, it’s at the top of West Heath Road in Farnborough:- Start Point


[09:30] Andy runs a popular “social” ride of around 40 miles, including a cafe stop. There is also a similar ride on Wednesday’s, also at 9:30 am from Speedy’s. Pace is around 14-15 mph, but as with all rides this will vary depending on terrain, weather and composition of the group etc. 
[09:30] Nick runs a “cafe” ride, starting at the same place. Nick's rides attract a large number of riders so sometimes the group is split into two to make it manageable. The ride covers up to 60 miles with a cafe stop. Pace is around 16–17.5 mph, but as mentioned above, this can vary.
[09:30] These “non-stop” rides are around 50-60m but usually a smaller group (6 – 12 riders), and leaving earlier but also from Speedy’s. Pace is a bit quicker, around 17-19 mph. The key difference is that there is no cafe stop, so we are all usually back home between 12:30 and 1:00pm. Keep an eye on the forum for announcements for routes etc, as these rides have no designated owner.

Next Ride Dates

There is a calendar of all rides planned in the next month here.

Start  Location

Unless otherwise stated in the rides list, club runs start from Speedy’s Chinese takeaway at the West Heath roundabout in Cove (map) at the time specified. Please note that the ladies rides start from Tythings Community Centre, Reading Road, Yateley GU46 7RP at 10am.


Discussions on plans and routes also take place in this forum if you have any ideas on routes and rides or want to offer to help lead a ride. If the weather is poor, rides may be cancelled. Please check the calendar or forums for details, or contact the ride guide.

New Riders

People who are thinking about joining the club are always welcome to do a couple of club runs on a trial basis following which, we would be delighted if you choose to join us. There is no need to make prior arrangements, just come to the Speedy’s and introduce yourself. Please check the clothing and equipment article for advice on what to bring and don't forget to bring some cash for cakes, coffee or water!

How experienced do I need to be? - No experience, no problem. This is a benefit of joining such a well established club who are keen to help introduce new riders to club riding.

How fit do I need to be? - For the sociable group, you need to be able to ride for about 3.5hrs in total (in two sessions, before and after a tea stop) at a steady pace (14mph). If you're not sure, please consult your doctor.

Do I need an expensive bike? - No, but it must be roadworthy. Smooth tyres and well-functioning gears will help. Carry an inner tube and tools to fix a puncture. Get your bike checked at a local bike shop if you're unsure.

Etiquette and Rules

The club has produced a guide to cycling etiquette and group riding, please take the time to read and understand them. Download it here . The club has formulated a policy framework for Rides and Events which includes the identification and management of any problems (including but not limited to inappropriate behaviour, harassment and bullying) and applies to all club events, club rides, club evenings and training sessions, to all riders and attendees at club events whether members or non-members. Please see the attached documents here for further details. If any problems are identified or suspected, the Rides Coordinator should be notified immediately.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You ride as an individual with responsibility for your own actions and entirely at your own risk. All members and guests on club rides are advised to consider their own insurance cover. FCCC can recommend the third-party insurance provided to members of British Cycling or the CTC. CTC membership is available to club members at a significantly reduced cost.  Click here for details.

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