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  1. The Thursday night events are also type-B time trials (club events) so all you need to do is to turn up around 20-minutes prior to the start time. The second results column is explained as follows: All riders over the age of 40 are classed as veterans and is assigned a 'standard time' for the event, dependent on distance, machine and gender. Think of this as your target time. The plus result is based on the difference between your actual time and your standard time. If you a quicker than your standard the 'plus' will be positive and if your time is slower than your standard it will be negative. In your case, you were 7'58" slower than your standard for this event.
  2. Saturday 8 April Club TT Results
  3. 25-mile type-A TT - April 22nd

    Fourteen addition helpers are required at this F & C CC event for: issuing numbers pushing off marshalling (two roundabouts) traffic counter parking setting up clearing away   The catering, resul...

  4. HCC175 TT Saturday April 8th 10:00h

    Assistant timekeeper required for this event. Please contact Donald to offer your services.

  5. 2016 10 08 - Saturday Club Time Trials
  6. CANCELLED *********Thursday Night Club TT 01/9/16

    I'm glad I checked this before I left work. It saves me having to put out the signs and then do the timekeeping.  

  7. UCI legal TT bike?

    For CTT events, the regulations on the cycle are listed in the Rules and Regulations.   You should always check the requirements stipulated by the governing body of any sports event to ascertain the ...