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Volunteers Needed!

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Membership & Ladies Update!

Thanks to Mike O'Donovan for coming forward to take up the position of Membership Secretary.  As he probably won't be at the AGM, I'll take this opportunity, on behalf of the club, to thank Alan for his big contribution in moving the club from 47 at the AGM in 2010 to 233 at the end of the Financial year on 30th November. I'm hoping he gets back on his bike in the future to project manage us again!

Thanks also to Linda Hurst for coming forward as our new Ladies Secretary. If you have ideas for activities, or enquiries, please contact her.

That leaves just two vacancies - one for General Secretary (mainly taking the minutes at committee meetings, in these days of email) and volunteer coordinator. For more info about the jobs, please contact me.


Bike Rental Project

We received this mail:The Source Logo transparent

We are in the process of working with CTC and Hampshire County Council on setting up a small bike hire scheme in Aldershot, giving bikes out on 2-week hires to job seekers and those on benefits. Part of the aim is to help people get to job interviews, as well as experiencing cycling and being keen to take it up.

We'll be given a fleet of 12 bikes to maintain and are looking for 2 lead volunteers to help in assisting a team of 4-6 young people. We'll also be given 3 sets of workshop tools and equipment. CTC are providing over £2500 worth of training for the lead volunteers and the young people. We are keen to get this up and running by 1st November.

Time commitment we expect to be one or two sessions a week on an evening or weekend (each session being 2 hours long).

This is a great opportunity to join a social enterprise in a voluntary capacity at the very start – helping it grow into something bigger from the first quarter of 2015 to look like a bit like The Guildford Bike Project. We are working with Rushmoor Borough Council and Grainger PLC to launch "The Rushmoor Bike Project" (working title) in 2015, refurbishing and selling old bikes, as well as offering servicing and community workshops. This should become a fairly decent sized operation fairly quickly, with potential paid employment for 2 people.

Apologies for this cold call type email – but I really hope you've made it this far through the email! If you are interested in finding out more then please do not hesitate to contact me, or if you know of others who might be keen or have a cycling network you can send this on to then please feel free to do so.

Ideally I'd need to know peoples interest by the end of the month so that we can get the appropriate training booked in. We are really excited about this project and the huge difference it can make to the young people we are working with as well as raising the profile of cycling in the borough.

Hope to speak to you soon!
Adam Stacey
Chief Executive

t: 01252 333 330
m: 07447 462 171

Members that are interested in helping should contact adam.stacey (at)

Type-A Time Trials 2015

Following from my previous article about the 2015 Christmas 10-mile Time Trial, the current situation is that there have been no volunteers to organise this event and I have therefore removed it from the event applications for 2015.

Donald Ashton - TT Secretary

Type-A Time Trials 2015

At the AGM the club agreed to run three type-A time trials in 2015: 10-mile, 25-mile during the racing season and 10-mile at Christmas.

It is now the time for us to apply for 2015 events to our CTT District, London West.

I have an organiser for each of the two events during the racing season but require a volunteer to organise the Christmas 10 in December 2015.

I am aware that this seems a long way off, but if I do not get a volunteer for this task I will not apply for this event to be run in 2015.

It is essential that I have full details of an organiser before the DC meeting on September 15th.

Help with Something other than Go Ride Certification

we need youThanks to Andy Hale for stepping up to fill the contact post for our Go Ride application. 

However we still have a number of other vacancies. As I mentioned in a recent newsletter, because of work changes, I cannot continue in the web editor. Thanks to Mark for stepping up! Thanks to Mike for agreeing to look after the rides.

We also have vacancies for general sec., social sec, acting ladies sec and we will shortly have a vacancy for a volunteers coordinator, as David is going abroad for a while.. These are good opportunities to get involved and to influence the direction of the club. Again, contact me if you can help.


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