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TT Results Table

Thanks to Donald, the site now has records of all club TTs since the start of 2002. It currently does not include the results of older open events. 

TT Results

 EventDate   Course   Distance   Name   Club   Time   Position   Class   Notes 
2014-04-12CC17510 mMr M CharltonFarnborough & Camberley CC00:22:311
2014-04-12CC17510 mMr N RigbyFarnborough & Camberley CC00:26:012"+0h00'35"""
2014-04-12CC17510 mMr L WoodAlton CC00:26:453"-0h00'09"""
2014-04-12CC17510 mMr S MarkieFarnborough & Camberley CC00:27:294
2014-04-12CC17510 mMr C BaghustFarnborough & Camberley CC00:28:275"-0h01'01"""
2014-04-12CC17510 mMr V ScutteFarnborough & Camberley CC00:30:046"-0h02'55"""
2014-04-12CC17510 mMr M WelchFarnborough & Camberley CC00:31:027"-0h04'44"""
2014-04-10CC255A8.5 mMr C LeechSouthampton University CC00:19:281
2014-04-10CC255A8.5 mMr T KelsPeter Hansford RT00:19:582
2014-04-10CC255A8.5 mMr T AllenSouthampton University CC00:20:203
2014-04-10CC255A8.5 mMr M CharltonFarnborough & Camberley CC00:20:254
2014-04-10CC255A8.5 mMr D TriskaFarnborough & Camberley CC00:20:315
2014-04-10CC255A8.5 mMr M McCrossanNRG Sports Massage00:20:326+0h01'39"
2014-04-10CC255A8.5 mMr K MillerFarnborough & Camberley CC00:22:037+0h00'00"
2014-04-10CC255A8.5 mMiss L ChittendenEast Street Cycles00:22:258
2014-04-10CC255A8.5 mMr S HuntFarnborough & Camberley CC00:23:099-0h01'06"
2014-04-10CC255A8.5 mMr M BlythFarnborough & Camberley CC00:24:1610-0h00'49"
2014-04-10CC255A8.5 mMs H WilesFarnborough & Camberley CC00:25:0611
2014-04-10CC255A8.5 mMr R DunbarFarnham Triathlon Club00:25:1012-0h02'47"
2014-04-10CC255A8.5 mMr C GrayFarnborough & Camberley CC00:25:3713-0h03'26"
2014-04-10CC255A8.5 mMr G TaylorFarnborough & Camberley CC00:25:4414-0h03'13"
2014-04-10CC255A8.5 mMr P JoyceFarnborough & Camberley CC00:25:4515-0h03'14"
2014-04-10CC255A8.5 mMr C BaghustFarnborough & Camberley CC00:25:4716-0h02'31"
2014-04-10CC255A8.5 mMrs M ErwoodFarnham Triathlon Club00:25:5917-0h01'15"
2014-04-10CC255A8.5 mMr B RaikesFarnborough & Camberley CC00:26:2218-0h02'50"
2014-04-10CC255A8.5 mMr G ShortFarnborough & Camberley CC00:29:0319-0h06'52"
2014-04-03CC255A8.5 mMr M CharltonFarnborough & Camberley CC00:20:211
2014-04-03CC255A8.5 mMr D TriskaFarnborough & Camberley CC00:20:282
2014-04-03CC255A8.5 mMr K ScottVC Meudon00:20:313
2014-04-03CC255A8.5 mMr M OttawayWyndymilla00:21:324+0h00'51"
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