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News, Notices & Results

Clubman of the Year Award

show of hands smallThe club has a "Clubman of the year" award. This award, according to the rules is

"Awarded to the member who, in the opinion of club members has rendered the greatest service to the club in the past year, such opinion to be expressed by a ballot of members".

Traditionally, this has been voted for at the Annual Dinner, but as the growth of attendance at the Dinner has not matched the rate of growth of the club, it has been decided to run the award by a ballot on the forum.

Send nominations to Chris by the 4th January and we'll set up the poll from the 5th. This is now set up here

Half Year Report

We're halfway through the year between AGMs, so I thought I'd summarise where we're up to and where we're trying to go as a club.

Scheme for Support of Open TT & Race Riders

bike racers cutmillWe are putting together a scheme to reward those that are taking part in open TTs and in racing. In the longer term, rewards for the current season will be based on the result for the previous season. However to get things started, we are making an up-front offer.

Where riders commit by the end of April in each year (but this year by May 15th as we're late to get things going!) to either 

  • Riding in 6 open TT events
  • Riding in 6 race events

 the club will refund either (for TTs), half the cost of entry and for road races, half the cost of a BC licence or Surrey League membership fees. In the first year, the maximum amount claimable for TT riders is £50. Note that the committment has to be made by April or May, but the rides can be done anytime during the year (before or after the committment).

Riders that intend to apply, should advise Bob that they intend to take part and then submit evidence to Dick of participation and cost once they have done the 6 events. Riders should be 'of good standing' - that is to say they have to be paid up members and met membership requirements. They should also compete in club kit.

We plan a wider scheme to reward competitors and helpers next year.

Junior Section News

"We will be launching a Junior section this April with a Saturday morning led ride and a Wednesday evening coaching session.

Coaching sessions will be open to all junior members aged 8 and over and will take place on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm and will last for approximately 1 hour.  Led ride will be open to all junior members aged 11 and over and will take place on Saturdays from 10:00am and will finish at approximately 12:30am.  To attend either session you will need to complete a parental consent and rider details form. (attached)


Nigel's first training course.

Nigel training


Thanks to Nigel for his first course yesterday, and thanks to David for taking some good pictures that are in the gallery now. Let Bob know if you want high res versions.

ps Nigel showed us how to mount and dismount on the fly. With practice, we might get as quick as this!



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