19 May 2016

Membership runs for 12 months from the first day of the month following that in which you join. Payment can be made via PayPal, cheque by post to the Membership Secretary, or in person at a club night to one of the committee members.

Categories of Membership

1 Senior Membership Annual Memberships   £20.00
2 Second Claim Senior Membership (only for those that ride competitively for other teams/clubs. 2nd claim members are not eligible for club trophies or records) Annual Memberships   £15.00
3 Family Membership Annual Memberships   £30.00
4 Life Membership Special Memberships   £300.00
5 Under 18 (and in full time education) Annual Memberships   £5.00


The club is run entirely by volunteers, and we ask all members to help the club by marshalling or otherwise assisting if possible at one of our open races during the season, and to wear club kit in races and club training rides wherever possible.

We also ask that members and prospective members read and make themselves familiar with the Club Rules.

A note about first and second claim membership - this is only relevant to those who are members of two or more clubs. In that case, first claim is the club you wish to compete for, Second claim is another club you may join but cannot compete for. So, if you are joining one club only you are always first claim; it's nothing to do with renewals.

If you have a query about membership, contact the Membership Secretary at


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    1. were are you going this sunday

      We did go to the Frog, and jolly good it was too. Tried to add a couple of pics to this reply, but it wouldn't work!    

    2. Bank Holiday Monday Salisbury Cathedral Ride

      Thanks for organising the ride today Nick and Thanks to Terry for a great route .