Group riding workshop

12 Jun 2017

Group riding workshop

As many of you will know, a number of club members attended one of Cycling UK’s Ride Leader Courses late last year, so that we as a club have better trained and equipped riders to lead our club runs, for the benefit of all who take part in them.

However, following great interest in the topic of group riding, and questions from a number of members (e.g. on the subject of when/why riding two abreast is or is not appropriate), the committee has recognised that there would be a wider benefit in putting on a workshop to share more information on this whole topic, covering areas such as:

⦁ The dynamics of a group, and how that varies between different types of riding
⦁ Rider techniques in order to maintain group unity
⦁ Special areas of riding such as climbing and descending in a group
⦁ The basic principles of cornering techniques
⦁ Riding in single file or two abreast? The legalities of the two scenarios and how to manage overtaking by vehicles and/or other riders
⦁ The best practice rider position whilst cycling solo and how that translates into
riding in a group.

With this in mind, we have organised a workshop for you which will cover these topics, lasting about 3 hours (2pm - 5pm) on a Saturday afternoon which we are inviting you to attend completely free of charge.

Two dates are currently possible, either Saturday 22 July or Saturday 29 July, so please click on this link and indicate your preferred date and we will then set up the workshop for the most popular date.

The committee hopes that this workshop will appeal to you and we look forward to learning your preference regarding dates.

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    1. Well done Gavin I Wish I could Swim like that. Frank
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