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15 Apr 2016

Farnborough and Camberley CC was formed in 1969, through the merger of Farnborough CC and Camberley Wheelers CC.

C.W.C.C. had found that they were unable to get volunteers from within the club to act as club officials.  They therefore approached Farnborough C.C officials with a view to a merger.

C.W.C.C had ample funds and an impressive array of trophies to hand over, thus the merger did have its attractions. The meeting to agree the merger took place at the Jubliee Hall, Farnborough (now replaced by the Thompson building) on the 5th January 1969. Of those attending, 21 were in favour, 5 against and 3 people abstained.

As can be seen, the components of the Farnborough CC badge were used as the basis for that of the new club.


Farnborough CC was founded in 1921. The picture is of a medal from an FCC event, showing the basic elements of the current Farnborough and Camberley CC badge - the lion of England, the rose of Hampshire and England and the pine tree, for which Farnborough was famous.





A.J (Gus) Rumble was a founder member. The club was originally only for men but they had several lady members by the mid 30’s including Mrs. Rumble.

Gus Rumble and his son Albert owned a combined radio/cycle shop in North Camp that continued after the war right up to the 1980s. A racing/touring stalwart in the Camberley club, one John Tyler, worked behind the counter at Rumble’s for many years (he used to cycle from his home at Ascot daily). His knowledge and advice, combined with the Rumble family, ensured that most active and competitive clubmen from all the local clubs used their services and they kept a comprehensive stock of equipment.

Camberley Wheelers CC is thought to have been founded before the 1920s, the exact date being uknown, but it was a fully active and successful club in the early 1930s and by 1935 regular Sunday club rides were held.

The Camberley Wheelers badge was merely a shield, half royal blue and half light blue. This original Camberley Wheelers CC medal is from the 1940s.






During July 2016 the club received a request via Facebook from Bret Edwards in the US who was hoping to uncover information or records for his grandmother Eileen Comer who was a member of Camberley Wheelers during the years 1930 to 1940.  He sent this photo of her on her bicycle as well as a photo of a 2nd place medal she won in 1937.

CWCC History 1 

Bret later furnished with information proving that Camberley Wheelers CC was formed before the 1920’s, namely photos of an award made to his great-grandfather (Frederick George Comer) from Camberley Wheelers CC.  Measuring approx. 1" x ¾" it is inscribed "CWCC 1904" on the front and "Attendance. Presented by Rev. E. C. Kirwan" on the reverse, proving that the club was in existence in 1904!

CWCC History 2

Reverend E.C. Kirwan referenced on the award was the vicar of Camberley during the late 1800's and early 1900's.


A Camberley Wheelers CC programme from 1955:

CWCC PRogramme


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