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We're grateful to past sponsors (including Collards and Porsche of Guildford) for their support but the club is currently running successfully without the need for sponsorship. 

However, we are open to sponsorship,
so potential sponsors should contact
the President for details of opportunities.

Sponsorship latest update

In the light of the Collard's decision, the committee has considered what to do.

Current thoughts are that we will not actively seek new sponsors this year, but any opportunities that present themselves will be followed up. If anyone knows of companies that could be interested, please let any member of the committee know.

(There is a significant minority that would like to see new sponsors recruited, so feel free to express an opinion in the members area of the forum here.)

Sponsorship Opportunities

Cycling is great for health, is green and is community-based. That makes it an ideal target for sponsorship investments.

Farnborough and Camberley cycling club is not only a community organisation, but has a national champion, so sponsors' logos are widely seen in the local and national press as well as on the backs of local club members.





Main Sponsors 2009/10

The clubs main sponsor in 2009 and 2010 was M Collard Waste Management. Thanks to them for their support!

Sponsor 2009

The club also has Porsche Centre, Guildford as a sponsor for 2009 and supporter for 2010.
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