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History of the Club - Rumbles Cycle Shops

Dick received the following message from Mrs Sandra Kay. If you would like to contact her to discuss her memories, contact Dick.

"Gus Rumble was my grandfather and Albert my uncle. My grandmother's name was Annie. Along with another uncle, Norman, and my grandfathers cousin, Cliff Rumble, they owned and ran four Rumble's cycle shops for many years. Two in North Camp, one in Victoria Road, Farnborough and one in Yorktown, Camberley.

My mother Connie aged 88 is the last surviving child of Gus and Annie, and she worked for many years in the Victoria Road shop which my family lived above.Gus was a wonderfully cheerful man despite having his leg amputated in the fifties. I fondly remember photo's of Nan and grandad on their tandem but unfortunately don't have any I can share."

Lance got it Wrong...

 It seems that Lance Armstrong got it wrong. It's not EPO or Testosterone or HGS that you need, it's Ron's tea. Back in 1975, Ron received this letter from the Clarencourt CC after one of his TTs.

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"Dear Mr Taylor,

We'd like to thank you for your event last Saturday. We came away happy with one 'personal' and two bests for several years. We can't work out why, as it didn't seem a good day particularly. After discussion, we've decided it was your tea*. We may not turn in fantastic times, but we do know about tea and we are unanimous in the opinion that yours was the best we can remembers. I had one before and one after and I'm now trying to get my money refunded from Boots for my stock of "Dynamo"**.

Yours truly,

Tony Rumbell, Colin Glanville and David Luhr"

(Thanks to Clarencourt CC for confirming the names. I note that a Norman Luhr is still the treasurer!)

 * Ron has asked me to point out that the tea was provided not by him, but by the late Phil Smith and his wife Betty.

** Boots Dynamo was a popular and legal 'booster' for cycling!

Farnborough Cycling Club 90th Anniversary


Farnborough Cycling Club was founded in 1921. The picture is of a medal from an FCC event, showing the basic elements of the current Farnborough and Camberley CC badge - the lion of England, the rose of Hampshire and England and the pine tree, for which Farnborough was famous.

 A.J (Gus) Rumble was a founder member. The club was originally only for men but they had several lady members by the mid 30’s including Mrs. Rumble.

Gus Rumble and his son Albert owned a combined radio/cycle shop in North Camp that continued after the war right up to the 1980s. A racing/touring stalwart in the Camberley club, one John Tyler, worked behind the counter at Rumble’s for many years (he used to cycle from his home at Ascot daily). His knowledge and advice, combined with the Rumble family, ensured that most active and competitive clubmen from all the local clubs used their services and they kept a comprehensive stock of equipment.

The book "Farnborough - A Second Selection" by Jo Gosney carries a photograph of Farnborough C.C. members, c.1930 outside the Town Hall, the caption suggesting that a cycling event was held in the town hall in 1934. This would have been on rollers and local clubs also competed.

Camberley Wheelers Cycling Club


The Camberley Wheelers badge was merely a shield, half royal blue and half light blue. This original Camberley Wheelers CC medal is from the 1940s.

It is not known exactly when the club was formed, but it was a fully active and successful club in the early 1930s and may well have been founded in the 1920s.

By 1935 regular Sunday club rides were held.

 Most pre-war cycle racing took place on the Reading and Herne Hill tracks.

Formation of Farnborough and Camberley CC



Farnborough and Camberley CC was formed in 1969, through the merger of Farnborough CC and Camberley Wheelers CC.

C.W.C.C. had found that they were unable to get volunteers from within the club to act as club officials.They therefore approached Farnborough C.C officials with a view to a merger. C.W.C.C had ample funds and an impressive array of trophies to hand over, thus the merger did have its attractions. The meeting to agree the merger took place at the Jubliee Hall, Farnborough (now replaced by the Thompson building) on the 5th January 1969. Of those attending, 21 were in favour, 5 against and 3 people abstained. As can be seen, the components of the Farnborough CC badge were used as the basis for that of the new club.

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