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Awards & Prizes

Awards and prizes available from the club

Prize Winners 2013-2014

Here is the full list of the prize winners for this year. Congratulations to everyone!

Name Trophy Notes
Jane Morris Ladies Trophy  

J Stratton

25 Mile Open "John Bull Trophy" Given to winner, not necessarily an FCCC member
Dave Triska Mens 25 TT  
Kelly Miller Vets 25 TT  
George Bounds Junior 10 mile TT  
Nigel Atkins Mens 10 mile TT 24:08
Jane Morris Ladies 10 mile TT 26:33
Jane Morris Vets 10 mile TT +2:09
Tom Martin Mens Hill Climb  
Danny Griffiths Junior Hill Climb Fastest Time New Award 
Nat Hatch-Johnson FCCC Junior Hill Climb Champion  
George Bounds The Ernie Bore Trophy  
Gareth Dickenson  Road Race Bowl   
Jane Morris Club Championship Challenge Trophy  
Matt Haigh Sportive Trophy  
Nigel Fletcher Clubman of the Year  
Kelly Miller Encouragement Cup Award by committee.Biggest speed increase 2013/2012
on club events and 19 attendances!

Clubman of the Year

Congratulations to Nigel Fletcher for winning the Clubman of the year award. As some of you know, Nigel has put in a lot of effort to establish the junior section, run coaching sessions and run the road race (among other things!). 

The other two candidates, were also very worthy nominees. Martin does a huge amount of work on the clothing side as well as running his regular rides and helping with TTs (among other things!). Ron leads many rides, helps with events and ran the Christmas 10.

Thanks to all three for their contributions.

Annual Dinner and Prizegiving 2013

Thanks to Caroline for organising an excellent annual dinner last night (a number of people asked me to post this comment!). Pictures are in the gallery.

Club President, Dick Poole presented the following trophies:

Senior 10 Mile Trophy Mr Gareth Dickinson
Ladies 10 Mile Trophy Ms Jane Morris
Road Race Trophy Mr Gareth Dickinson
25 Mile Championship Cup Mr James Goward
30 Mile Championship Cup Mr Simon Kidd
50 Mile Championship Cup Mr Simon Kidd
24 Hour Championship Cup Mr Matt Haigh
Veterans 10 Mile Trophy Mr James Goward
Hill-Climb Championship Cup Mr Keith Scott
Club Challenge Cup Mr Martin Blyth
Sportive Trophy Mr Matt Haigh
Open 25-mile time trial Challenge Trophy Mr Nigel Atkins

Ron Taylor was awarded 'Clubman of the Year' by those that attended the dinner



Dick also made this short speech.

Before we start the presentation of the awards I would just like to say a few words, especially as this might be the last dinner we have in this format.
Looking back one could say that the club is in a better position than it has ever been in its long history. A membership approaching 200, and sound financially with no need for sponsorship.
Times have indeed changed – although most of our members, particularly the new ones, love riding their bikes, there seems to be no wish to compete whether in road races, time trials or on the track. This is a great pity as we have some wonderful trophies to be won.
The social side of the club also, is almost non-existent. Most of us here tonight, I am sure, remember the crowded clubroom evenings when members discussed races they had ridden and training plans, and what about those hundred strong dinners with cross-toasting, speeches and even “joined-up” dancing to a band or a disco?
Yes, as the song says “the times are a-changing”, but club cycling, and in particular time-trialling has many strong traditions which we should not let slip.
Us old’uns have to accept that those “good old days” are long gone, but never forgotten. We now have to embrace this new cycling world with its technology, which undoubtedly has assisted the club to gain members, we need to cater for the interests of this new “clientele” but also to encourage them to compete and rise to the challenges that racing provides. We also need to get some youngsters into the sport – something we are already working on with Rushmoor Council.
Finally in the old tradition I would ask you to raise your glasses and toast the Future of the Farnborough and Camberley Cycling Club.


FCCC 2011 Trophy Winners

meade hall dxo


Congratulations to all the winners, listed below, whose trophies were presented at the Annual Dinner and Prizegiving on the 11th February 2012.

The club trophies and their purposes are listed in the club rules, attached here

(I have put some pictures in the gallery - not to the usual quality, I'm afraid :-(  )

FCCC Annual Dinner - Prize Winners

Here is the first picture from the Annual Dinner!

More pictures are now available in the gallery. (These have been reduced in quality for display on the web. Let me know if you want original files.)

Prize winners 2009 Annual Dinner








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