About FCCC

15 Apr 2016


About Us

Welcome to the Farnborough and Camberley Cycling Club web site. The club caters for all cycling enthusiasts, both ladies and men, new and experienced riders, whether for social riding, sportives, road racing or time trialling.

Our history

Farnborough and Camberley CC was formed in 1969, through the merger of Farnborough CC and Camberley Wheelers CC.  

Farnborough CC itself was founded in 1921 and Camberley Wheelers CC around 1930.

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Join the club

If you are thinking about joining the club, then why not join one of our popular club rides first? It's a great way to meet other riders and learn a little about the club. There should be a ride appropriate to your level of fitness - click the Social Rides section for more details.

If you enjoy riding with us we would expect you to sign up after a couple of rides - please see the membership page for details'

Contact us

Please email us at committee@fccc.org.uk


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    2. Gentle pace social ride 09.30 a.m. Wednesday March 29th

      A couple more pics:  

    3. Gentle pace social ride 09.30 a.m. Wednesday March 29th

      Well two of the puncs happened here - so no surprise, really! That's Tom, by the way. I reckon we must have lost the best part of an hour with puncs and various other minor events - a shame, cos it wa...